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Forever Yours Lingerie is a Canadian bra and lingerie store located in Langley, British Columbia. We help women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds find bras and lingerie that they will love and feel beautiful in. You'll discoverย the most fashion forward and popular brands from all over the world in our store, including: Prima Donna, Empreinte, Elomi, Freya, Panache, Chantelle and Ewa Michalak. Personalized bra fittings are our specialty, but we also carry lingerie, swimwear, sleepwear and menโ€™s boxers in both regular and plus sizes.


Whatโ€™s hot in-store and online this season? Weโ€™ve hand picked a few of our favorite collections from Prima Donna, Cleo and Sculptresse.

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  • Public Service Announcement on how to style @paperlabelsleep 
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  • Hi ladies, as we approach Spring, it is a time for lots of new babies and we think there may be some misunderstandings out there in some mom groups. We have heard from a few customers that they were told by other moms that we no longer carried nursing bras. 
Do we still carry nursing bras? YES! 
Have we reduced up our nursing selection? Also yes.
Why, you might ask?
Well, to be totally honest, which we always like to be with our customers...over the past 3 years, we now have 3 big box retailers (Thyme, Destination Maternity & Babies 'r' Us) within a 5 minute drive of our store that all sell nursing bras up to an H/I cup, pads, pumps, ect. Our sales have fallen dramatically in our nursing category, so we had to make the tough decision...Do we continue to bring in and stock styles that are not selling ie: Nursing Bras (because new moms are buying them where they are already purchasing their maternity clothes/new baby items) or do we invest our buying budget into categories that people are requesting like more bras & swim. Unfortunately, as a business we are forced to make some tough decisions about what sells and stays and what does not if we want to continue to be in business. With that being said, we still do and always will carry a good selection of nursing bras. We also carry a nursing bra conversion kit that will transform just about any regular bra under an H cup into a nursing bra, and we are always willing to direct you to another store/site that might have what you need if we don't, or we can special order you in something. 
You can see our entire nursing bra selection online at forever yours
  • When you wear gorgeous stay ups from @glamoryhosiery to work and then get asked to try on some new sleep shirt arrivals! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ’•
  • Buttery soft, cheeky sleep shirts from @paperlabelsleep just arrived! 
SHOP all 3 styles directly in our bio. 
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