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A Brave New World Awaits

The world is moving towards a fundamental shift where our physical reality will soon blend with a virtual one. This idea opens up an entirely new frontier in which our experiences and our realities will be extended in ways we could have never imagined.

At Shape Immersive, we are committed to building a decentralized spatial mapping protocol that will make spatial data universally available for applications in Augmented Reality and beyond. Through a consensus and incentive-driven spatial data marketplace, we hope to accelerate the creation of the AR Cloud- a machine readable, 1:1 scale model of our world.

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The Future of Immersive Experiences

In order for AR to hit mainstream, virtual objects must persist across space,
time and devices so sharing and collaboration are possible.


Virtual objects can be saved in the real world and revisited across different app sessions


Everyone can share the same experience in real-time through synchronization

Context Aware

Virtual objects can understand its surrounding and interact with the real world

How It Works

  • Capture
  • Submit
  • Approve
  • Buy
  • Create
  • Data Collectors capture the spatial data of their surrounding using depth sensing cameras and LiDAR devices.

  • Data Collectors then submit raw spatial data to the blockchain network where Data Validators can review and determine the quality of the data.

  • Through a consensus mechanism, Data Validators agree the quality of the data and list it on the Spatial Data Marketplce.

  • Buyers of spatial data can purchase the data they need in a safe and secure manner.

  • Buyers like AR developers, movie studios, and game studios can then create scalable AR applications for the end-users.

Spatial Data Collector Data Validator Spatial Data Marketplace Data Buyers End User

What's possible

One of AR's biggest promises is the ability to organize information at its origin.
With the AR Cloud, experiences are no longer bounded by physical constraints
and can be far more versatile and imaginative.

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Virtual Shopping

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Our Team

We are a passionate team of designers, developers, data scientists,
blockchain enthusiasts, researchers and economists.

Alex Chuang

Co-founder, CEO

Aaron Hilton

Co-founder, CTO

Jeff Jang


Sam Chandola


Shafin Diamond Tejani


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